February 23, 2011

iPhone apps: Tools to Develop and Conquer!

Nice to chat with you again.

For this post I have decided to talk about iPhone applications because they are truly amazing in the way they shape the way we think and act.
I'm sure most of you used the phrase "Man.. it's like there's an app for everything these days!"  at least once, but guess what... with more than 350,000 applications available in the iTunes App Store, there are still tons of app ideas that you can still come up with!

After all, whoever said that "the sky is the limit" had a pretty limited mindset, right?

TechCrunch created a pretty cool list of the top 40 iPhone Apps of 2010 which you can check out here.
I'm not even going to get started on how much money an app can make for you... If, of course, you can pull the right strings to develop and market it like a pro.

I myself have a few ideas that I will love to put in practice someday, but unfortunatelly I lack in know-how about how to develop an actual app. So I talked to some people who I thought could help me out and get me started. They did not start telling me about all the technical ins and outs of creating it, but they gave a a couple of excellent and easy to follow tools that helped me a lot!

From all these tools I want to share with you just 2, which in my opinion really tell you EVERYTHING that you need to know about getting your app up and running on iTunes App Store and, most importantly, make big money out of them.

A Simple Guide to Creating iPhone or iPad Apps and Games that succeed in App Store!
How To Create iPhone Apps With No Programming Experience

Feel free to try them out. I'm sure you won't regret it!

Let me know how it works out.
Best of luck!