August 12, 2010

Why Mind The People?

Ever walked into a restaurant and feel a bit awkward?
Everyone seems to be staring right at you and you end up wondering whether you really made the best decision by going to that specific place.

Why should you mind the people?

Imagine the same restaurant, the same crowd, you walking through the doors and there, instead of feeling uncomfortable, you are greeted by a kind person waiting to help you with your coat, asking where do you want to be seated and accompanying you to your table.

Which situation would you prefer?

I'm sure you heard this stuff before in trainings, webinars or group discussions, but do you really manage to implement and keep your mind on the people?

We are living in an economy of experiences where the consumers most often choose where to buy from due to unconscious reasons. The stimulus that your consumers' brains receive from every single detail of your business can make them experience just another plain activity that they need to do for that day, or they can make them live memorable moments, tell their friends about you, spend more money with you and add you on their favorites list!

Two of my favorite examples of remarkable companies that lead the wave of the economy of experience and actually believe that the costumer is king and put their ideas to work are Starbucks and Disney Land. I mean, really... you just can't have enough!!

But you don't have to be a giant to mind the people. Every business can do this, including small bakeries, big logistic companies and even freelance individuals.

Respecting your stakeholders and spending just a few hours thinking about how to create a unique experience for each of them can take you a long way.

Try it today!

If you need ideas to get started with minding the people for you business just leave a comment or drop me an e-mail.
I would be more than happy to help.


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