June 14, 2011

Every Day Efficient

I  know it sounds like a cliche wripped off some mission statement or a commercial, but efficiency is truly one of the things that can really take us high up where we want to be!

The idea for this article came to me on a Sunday night, thinking about the next day and at the fact that I had planned the day to the minute. I was very eager to start living it and also curios if I will be able to stick to my plan.

Full Speed Ahead for 9 Hours Straight.
Again, sounds like a cliche but it is very true!
For the plan I had made for that Monday I could not be anything else but 100% focused. I had a long list of tasks and a limited time to complete all of them, so I had to complete some of them very quickly in order to stay in time.

No Time Thieves
No Facebook, no articles or e-books, no news, no chit-chatting in the office! I realized that these type of small interference are really bad for your concentration. You should eliminate as much of them as you can.
What am I saying.. get rid of all of them :)
I have to admit though that I have a couple of brief pauses when I prefer to call and see how my wife is doing. It is the thing that relaxes me the most. You should find your thing that helps you recharge during your time-outs.

Prepare Your Battlefield
In order to fulfill your tasks you have to not anyone else that you depend on ruin your schedule.
First thing you do is make sure that everyone knows what you need from them and the deadline for sending you their information.

Yes, I couldn't complete all my tasks that I had planned for that Monday, but I am definitely on the right track to becoming more and more efficient every day.

Now, let's get to work!

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